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St Giles Church of England Primary School


Thank you for visiting this page. The Governing Body of our school is made up of our Head Teacher, one other member of staff, and volunteers appointed by either the church or the parents of our pupils. We all work very closely together to support the school in achieving the best possible outcomes for our children.

The core functions of our Governing Board are as follows:

  1. To set and ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. To hold leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  3. To oversee the financial performance of the school, to ensure finances are well managed and well spent in the most effective manner so that all resources enhance pupils’ learning
  4. To ensure the school engages well with parents and all stakeholders

One of our major responsibilities in achieving these core functions is to ensure that the school has and is implementing a School Development Plan that addresses all the statutory academic requirements and priorities for further development. St. Giles is described by Ofsted as a good school and we strive to maintain this and aspire to being an Outstanding school. The curriculum and everything that happens in school is underpinned with the strongest of Christian principles ensuring our children leave us with the best possible academic outcomes, an all round education and an understanding of Christian values.

We hold regular meetings to monitor all aspects of the performance of the staff and pupils. The Full Governing Body meet each half term and governors also visit the school for specific purposes in line with the school’s development priorities. All these meetings and school visits help governors to understand what is happening in school, to know how children are progressing with their learning, in order to ensure the best provision for all children and to carry out their core functions. As Governors, our aim is to ensure every child’s safety, well-being and learning are at the forefront of our activities and decisions. In everything we do we put Christian values at the forefront so our school will always be an environment of nurture through loving care and that our children will know the meaning of Christ's teaching as they gain in confidence and academic excellence.

We have the following committees: 

Standards (Quality of Education, EYFS): Rachel Amos (Chair), Matt Loader, Christine Holmes-Elener, Jo Shackleton, Jean Cookson, Gemma Ellison, Liz Rowland

Christian Distinctiveness, (including Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes): Rev'd Andy Walker, Matt Loader, Christine Holmes-Elener, Fiona Leyshon, Rachel Amos, David Weston, Jean Cookson

Finance and Premises: Christine Holmes-Elener (Chair), Matt Loader, Fiona Leyshon, Jo Shackleton, David Weston, Liz Rowland

There are also Governors linked specifically to curriculum subjects, as well as the following areas:

Safeguarding: Vacancy

Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium: Rachel Amos

Anti-Bullying: Christine Holmes-Elener


Elsewhere on this website you will see how well the school is performing and evidence of the Christian influence on our activities. If you have any questions for the governors about any aspects of the school please feel free to make contact via the school office. Your views are extremely important to us as we work together, staff, parents and governors, for the best education for your children. Whilst we must always maintain confidentiality we will ensure that you are provided with honest answers to any questions you may have.

We continually work to uphold the school’s vision and values where every child matters and all children at St. Giles Church of England Primary School can through God’s love, learn, succeed and flourish in a safe, nurturing and happy environment.

Christine Holmes-Elener

Chair of Governors

Structure of Governing Board 

Governors meet 3 times per year for full meetings, although there may be additional, extraordinary meetings as well as these.

Committees (outlined below also meet periodically throughout they year, and report back to full meetings. In addition, Link Governors visit school to meet with leaders and teachers, to conduct audits, go into classes and speak with children.

The Chair and Headteacher meet frequently outside of the full meetings, and governors are involved in many other aspects of school life.

Scheme of Delegation

The Local Governing Body was appointed in line with the constitution of the maintained LA predecessor school. The Academy remains largely autonomous but DDAT retain appropriate powers in the Scheme of Delegation to ensure delivery of any required school improvement measures.

Please click the Scheme below for full details. St Giles is Category 2 within this scheme:

St Giles Governing Body Scheme of Delegation




Full Governors 

Key roles:

·         To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

·         To hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

·         To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent

Full Governors also carry out a number of other statutory and important duties (e.g. appointing staff, hearing appeals and grievances, standards of pupil behaviour).


Quality of Education; Pupil achievement and data; target setting; whole school curriculum; standards; EYFS.

Finance and Premises

Finer detail of the school budget and how it is spent, aligned to school priorities; deployment of resources; staff pay.; Leadership and Management. Health and Safety of the school grounds and building; any improvements/construction work.

Christian Distinctiveness 

The school’s Christian character; Collective Worship; RE; community links. Personal Development; Behaviour and Attitudes.

Governing Body (click on highlighted names for profiles)

Annual Declaration of Interests (click to follow)

Governors &

Terms of Office

Governor Type

Appointed by

Any pecuniary/financial interests

Special Responsibilities



Attendance at meetings 2022/23

and 2023/24


Position on any other Governing Boards

Business or Financial Interests

Christine Holmes-Elener

Appointed: 30 November 2020

End of office: 29 November 2024


Derby Diocese

Chair of Governors


English Link 






Governor at Bolsover Junior School

None declared

Revd Andy Walker



13 May 2024 




Derby Diocese


New to post


Governor at Eckington Camms

None declared

Mr David Weston

Appointed: August 1999

End of office:

7 September 2024


Derby Diocese




None declared

Mr Matt Loader


1 January 2013


Derby Diocese



Executive Headteacher at Woodthorpe Primary School

None declared

Mrs Joanne Shackleton

Appointed: 1 December 2015

End of office:

30 November 2027

Teaching Staff

Staff election

Quality of Education 




None declared

Mrs Jean Cookson

Appointed: 30 November 2021

End of office:

29 November 2025


Derby Diocese


 Christian Distinctiveness





None declared

Mrs Rachel Amos

Appointed: 10 September 2018

End of office:

9 September 2026


Derby Diocese

Vice Chair of Governors


Pupil Premium


None declared

Mrs Fiona Leyshon

Appointed: 22 January 2020

End of office: 21 January 2028


Derby Diocese




None declared

Mrs Gemma Ellison

Appointed: 29 March 2022

End of office: 28 March 2026

Parent Governor

Parent election



None declared

Mrs Elizabeth Rowland

Appointed: 29 March 2023

End of office: 28 March 2027

Parent Governor

Parent election




None declared

Second2None School Support Ltd


Clerk to Governors








120/141 (85%) 


Rev'd Helen Guest




None declared