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Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School Life at St. Giles CE Primary School

Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good overall progress. They are well supported by the special educational needs coordinator and other staff.                                                                                                                                      (Ofsted, July 2014)

The Curriculum at St Giles

At St Giles CE Primary School we are passionate about children achieving their full potential in all areas of their learning.  Lessons are delivered in line with children’s individual targets in order for every child to make progress, and with the introduction of Mastery strategies, there is less differentiation than before and skills are embedded and applied across the curriculum. Please see the Policies section (under 'Our School' tab) for Mastery Calculation Polices for the four operations. Reading is taught from Foundation Stage through to Y6 through individual and guided reading, as well as focused comprehension and textual analysis lessons, and daily phonics sessions are delivered in KS1 and FS2. In KS1, we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme for phonics; Phonics Play is our main resource, supplemented by Jolly Phonics; our main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree, but Rigby Star books are also used.

We have developed our curriculum using the Learning Challenge Curriculum. This is an enquiry-based approach which makes learning more meaningful through cross-curricular links. This imaginative curriculum builds on pupils’ skills and knowledge as they move through the school. It meets the needs and interests of all pupils because it is effectively linked to national and local events whilst ensuring coverage of the  Primary National Curriculum. Subjects are creatively linked and teachers present exciting activities which fire pupils’ enthusiasm.

Each class investigates at least 6 topics a year, leading with a 'big question'.  The topics are cross-curricular, incorporating as many different subjects as is possible, but there is a strong emphasis on embedding the basic skills of reading, writing and maths.

During each, we try and include a hook; a ‘WOW’ moment that the children remember. This may take the form of a visit, a visitor coming into school to facilitate an activity or dedicated days to focus on one particular element of the topic (i.e. Egyptian day). We do try to take into consideration the costs of activities and aim to use local places of interest and people as much as possible.

Homework at St Giles is also linked to the topic.  At the start of each term, children will be given a homework task sheet; there will be several tasks from which the individual child will choose 2 or 3 depending on the year group.  The tasks range from literacy-based tasks to the more creative model making tasks.  Homework becomes more enjoyable for all involved.

RE lessons follow the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus which covers national requirements; two thirds of the curriculum studies Christianity and the remainder looks at a range of different religions.  Where possible, RE is taught through the topics, though some units may be taught separately to ensure coverage; 'Understanding Christianity' is our main focus in RE.

Children are taught PE twice weekly and learn a range of skills and games. On occasion, delivery of PE is from an outside coach which provides children with opportunities to experience a variety of sports. After school and lunchtime activities enrich our curriculum and there are a large number of sports clubs and activities to try.  We also participate in cross-county competitions against other schools, water polo matches, cricket, rugby and football.  Children are encouraged to participate in these as much as possible and learn about healthy lifestyles as part of the PE curriculum. Swimming is taught in Y3 and Y5, with non-swimmers having further lessons in the summer of Y6.

For further information, please click the links below. Mrs Shackleton (Deputy Headteacher) has overall responsibility for organising the whole school curriculum, so for further details please speak to her or your child's teacher:

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